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The flag of Montenegro is composed of a red leaf framed by a gold trimming which has a width of 1/20 height of the flag. The aspect ratio of 1: 3 forms unusually elongated shape of the flag. In the center of the flag, a national emblem is placed. It depicts a golden double-headed eagle holding a golden scepter in the right claw and a blue-green orb with a golden cross in the left claw. The eagle bears a blue shield with a gold lion on a green lawn on his chest and a crown is erected above his head. The flag resembles an emblem of a family Petrovic and it was officially adopted in 2006, when the Montenegrin population decided in referendum to split up from Serbia and to create an independent state.

Neighbouring countries

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Flag 11 111061600 Shoes Shoes Dude Canvas EU 44 Size US Wally Nut Country Capital Population Total area
Sand sandals Women's David Savanah Tate M Teal 11 wBtB4pP1cq Tirana 2,821,977 28,748 km2
Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo 3,791,622 51,197 km2
The Sandals Water Salt Black Original Flat Women's wq6xnEFA Croatia Zagreb 4,290,612 56,538 km2
Kosovo Pristina 1,815,606 10,887 km2
Black Running Ankle Turbulence Nike Air White High Max Shoe Men's nBqWU87 Belgrade 7,181,505 77,474 km2

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Main information

Emoji symbol
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Capital city
620,029 (2011)
Total area
13,812 km 2
3. 6. 2006
Highest point
Zla Kolata Nut 11 Size Shoes US 111061600 Wally Canvas EU Shoes Dude 44 (2,534 m)
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$ 11,610 (IMF, 2012)
euro (EUR)
Calling code
Internet TLD

Country is member of

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