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Tema en 'French-English Vocabulary / Vocabulaire Français-Anglais' comenzado por koch, 16 de Marzo de 2008.

  1. koch Senior Member

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    Comment pourrait-on rendre cela en anglais:
    (Juge des Affaires Familiales) ordonne la liquidation du régime matrimonial.
    Je n'aime pas vraiment ma version:
    Order to stop the marital property law / marriage settlement?!!!
    Auriez vous une meilleure idée?
  2. bh7 Senior Member

    Limestone City
    Canada; English
    order for dissolution of the matrimonial regime
    Québec law [French]
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    Québec law [English]
    "A matrimonial regime is a system of rules that governs the economic relationship between spouses, and between the spouses and third parties. The regime determines who owns the property and who administers it during the marriage. Most importantly, the matrimonial regime determines how property that is not included in the family patrimony is partitioned when a marriage is dissolved following a divorce, death or legal separation, or when a couple makes a change in matrimonial regime.
    Couples planning to marry must choose a matrimonial regime, and since there is no perfect matrimonial regime, it is up to the partners to weigh the pros and cons of each regime and make the best choice for their situation and plans. It is important to remember that the matrimonial regime affects only property excluded from the family patrimony and takes effect as soon as the marriage is solemnized.
    The intended spouses can choose one of three matrimonial regimes: partnership of acquests, separation as to property, and community of property. Subject to the provisions of the Civil Code, the couple can create its own regime by stipulating, for instance, that only part of the property is to be considered as acquests, while the remaining property will be subject to the rules governing separation as to property.
    Spouses who do not make a marriage contract will automatically be governed by the legal regime of partnership of acquests. Their choice of any other matrimonial regime must be formalized in a notarial contract."

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Zanpa Heels Fashion Pink Women 2 Sandals Block a71axUqrzw Zanpa Heels Fashion Pink Women 2 Sandals Block a71axUqrzw Zanpa Heels Fashion Pink Women 2 Sandals Block a71axUqrzw